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Hydrosodium carbonate (other names: baking soda, baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, baking soda) — acid solyugolny acid and sodium. Ordinary represents fine - crystalline powder of white color. It is used in the food industry, in cookery, in medicine as converter of burns of skin and mucous membranes of the person by acids and decrease in acidity of gastric juice. Also — in buffer solutions as with the broad range of concentration of solutions of its pH slightly changes.


Baking soda is not toxic, fire and explosion - proof.

Represents fine - crystalline powder of saline (soap) taste which at hit on mucous membranes causes irritation. At permanent job in the atmosphere contaminated by dust of baking soda there can be irritation of airways.

Baking soda (bicarbonate), is applied in chemical, food, light, medical, pharmaceutical industry, nonferrous metallurgy, delivered in retail trade.

It is registered as food supplement of E500.


  • in chemical industry — for production of dyes, polyfoams and other organic products, fluoric reactants, goods of household chemicals, fillers in fire extinguishers, for department of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide from gas mixes (gas is absorbed in hydrocarbonate solution at elevated pressure and the lowered temperature, solution is recovered at heating and the lowered pressure).
  • in light industry — in production of bottom rubbers and artificial skin, tanning production (tanning and neutralization of skin), the textile industry (finishing of silk and cotton fabrics).
  • in the food industry — bread baking, candy manufacture, preparation of drinks.


The main use of baking soda — cookery where it is applied, mainly, as the main or additional razrykhlitelyapr to pastries (as when heating emits carbon dioxide), independently or as a part of complex baking powder (for example, baking powder, together with ammonium carbonate) and in ready mixes for pastries (cakes, cakes and so forth). At application it is purely important to observe the correct dosage as leaves in product not tasteless sodium carbonate, and mixing order - soda in flour, acid components (vinegar, kefir and so forth) in liquid.


Solution of baking soda is used as weak antiseptic agent for rinsings and also as traditional kislotoneytralizuyushchy heartburn and pains medicine in stomach (the modern medicine does not recommend to apply because of side effects, including, because of "acid ricochet").

Fire extinguishing:

Hydrosodium carbonate is part of the powder applied in powder fire extinguishing systems, utilizing heat and pushing aside oxygen from the burning center the emitted carbon dioxide.

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Baking soda
Baking soda
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